This was my first purchase from Dark Sword - the first of many I suspect! The quality of you figures is second to none and I look forward to new releases with eager anticipation.

Below are some great Web sites that we like

The Web site of Larry Elmore.
Larry Elmore is simply one of the best fantasy artists EVER. He is a member of the “Fab Four”. The Fab four basically put TSR (Dungeons and Dragons) on the map with their outstanding artwork in the 80’s and 90’s for their game systems. If you have not visited this Web site yet, you need to go check it out right now!

The Web site of Keith Parkinson. Keith is one of the greats in many arenas including game covers, video game covers, and of course many many book covers. Keith was the youngest member of “The Fab Four”. The Fab four basically put TSR (Dungeons and Dragons) on the map with their outstanding artwork in the 80’s and 90’s for their game systems. Keith passed away in the fall of 2005 and is missed by all. Keith’s estate is running his Web site now to keep the candle burning for everyone to still enjoy his amazing artwork.

The Web site of Clyde Caldwell. Clyde really knows how to paint up those sexy women! Clyde is also a member of “The Fab Four”. The Fab four basically put TSR (Dungeons and Dragons) on the map with their outstanding artwork in the 80’s and 90’s for their game systems. Clyde is still going strong painting up those sexy pinups.

The Web site of Jeff Easley. Jeff is best known for his iconic AD&D rule book covers and tons of module and book covers for TSR. The man can paint some mean dragons. Jeff is of course a member of “The Fab Four” as well. The Fab four basically put TSR (Dungeons and Dragons) on the map with their outstanding artwork in the 80’s and 90’s for their game systems.

The Web site of George R.R. Martin – George is best known for his world famous New York Times Best Selling A Song of Ice and Fire book series that is the inspiration for the massive HBO hit series Game of Thrones. George loves miniatures as much as I do. He grew up on the classic 54mm variety of toy soldiers and has quite the impressive collection of them. But has since been turned to the dark side of the force and now collects gaming scale models as well. He digs the heft of old school pewter/lead just like me and he loves to rant about the Giants and Jets football teams. You can access George’s LiveJournal via the “Not A Blog” link and get all sorts of great updates straight from George.

The Web site of Stephanie Law – Stephanie is best known for her amazing Fairy artwork. Stephanie and I have been friends since 2003 when I first discovered her wonderful artwork. Stephanie’s otherworldly artwork really struck a chord with me personally due to the whimsical and ethereal nature of it. It was so different than the Fab Four from TSR of Elmore, Easley, Caldwell and Parkinson, but I loved it in a whole other way. And so did many of the folks I worked with from sculptors to painters. It has this precious sense of wonder to it that brought me back to the early 1980’s when I first discovered the artwork of the Fab Four of TSR I mentioned above.Stephanie is a big fan of pewter fantasy miniatures and has been collecting them since she was young.So she was thrilled when I approached her about creating a range of miniatures based on her artwork. She has been involved in the creative process with us every step of the way on these miniatures.

The Web site of Tony DiTerlizzi – Tony is a New York Times Best Selling author and illustrator best know for his work on the Spiderwick Chronicles. However, for old school gamers like myself and many of the folks that dig Dark Sword Miniatures, he is best known for his amazing artwork for Dungeons and Dragons while working for TSR in the 1990’s. He also did some wonderful artwork for Magic the Gathering from Wizards of the Coast. Tony is an old school gamer just like myself and is also a big time lover of pewter miniatures. He is over the moon with Dark Sword’s range of Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks miniatures and is heavily involved with every aspect of their development and creation.

The Web site of Miniaturenland. Miniaturenland was started by a big fan of Dark Sword by the name of Ralph. He wanted to spread the word all over Germany about Dark Sword and our award-winning line of miniatures. So he started up a company and has been a major ally of Dark Sword ever since. For our friends in Germany, be sure to check out his site and order miniatures from them as they are local. They provide fast service!

The Web site of Rhonda “Bird with a Brush” Bender.  Rhonda is a multi-award winning studio painter for both Dark Sword Miniatures and Reaper Miniatures. She is the author of Reaper’s great Learn to Paint kits as well. Rhonda has created an amazing site full of many miniature painting blog posts and PDF resource articles that will help miniature painters of all levels with various topics. It is a truly wonderful resource for miniature painters. She has also started a Patreon to help increase the frequency of new resource articles.  For sure check out her Web site for all sorts of great resources.

Miniature Monthly Patreon Page. This “how to paint miniatures” video tutorial page was started by two wonderful (and multi-award winning miniature painters) Aaron Lovejoy and Elizabeth Beckley. It is geared towards miniature painters of all levels with their different video tutorials that cover many different aspects of the miniature painting hobby. Swing on by their page and check it out!

James Wappel Miniature Painting Patreon Page.  James is the “mad scientist” of miniature painting. He is beyond prolific, award winning, and insanely fast. He has a ton of videos on how to up your miniature painting game and be faster in the process when it comes to painting display models or painting up armies for your tabletop miniatures game. Swing on by his page and check it out!

Painting Big Miniature Painting Patreon Page. Anne Foerster of Reaper Miniatures fame started her own video tutorial page to help spread her knowledge of miniature painting, miniature paints, color theory, and how to level up quickly for those folks looking to up their game. Her passion for the hobby is infectious and she is responsible for helping many aspiring miniature painters get well on their way in this hobby.  Swing on by her page and check it out!

The Stuff of Legends Web site. This Web site is wonderful if you need a reference for older miniatures such as Ral Partha and Grenadier. I love this Web site!

The Source Comics and Games in MN Web site. The Source Games and Comics is one of the most impressive Games & Miniatures stores that I have ever been to. They are located right here in our home state of Minnesota and they carry TONS of miniatures and of course every game imaginable. They stock the entire Dark Sword range and there is even a large display case of inked Dark Sword studio models you can check out there. They are the official Dark Sword Home Base Hobby Store. I can always get a fix for games, miniatures and comics here. Their staff is top notch in terms of their knowledge and their willingness to help people find exactly what they are looking for. They also have a gigantic gaming area that is always buzzing with activity. This place is a real find if you are ever in the area as it is beyond impressive on so many levels.

The Web site of Reaper Miniatures. Reaper Miniatures is a company that kept many gamers and miniature enthusiasts alive in the early 2000’s by providing them with a quality miniature fix since Grenadier and Ral Partha went the way of the dinosaurs in the late 1990’s. Reaper is run by fantastic people and they come out with tons of great minis. They not only do great pewter minis, but have also unleashed a new plastic material called “BONES” on the world to provide gamers with very reasonably priced plastic miniatures. They also hold an amazing annual event/party called ReaperCon in TX. It is 4 days of painting classes and sculpting classes from some of the world’s best painters and sculptors. Painting contests and gaming events are also going on during the entire convention. They know how to throw a great party indeed.

The Web site of Iron Wind Metals. Iron Wind Metals is a group of old Ral Partha employees who are now producing some of the older Ral Partha “Classic” miniatures. They are essentially Ral Partha reborn. They are also coming out with new original figures as well. If you missed out on an older Ral Partha set go check em out and they may have it. A great group of folks.