Dark Sword Miniatures and Miniature Monthly Painting Contest

Dark Sword wanted to end the year with a fun painting contest. So we approached our friends at the wonderful Miniature Monthly Web site about teaming up to hold this contest. Miniature Monthly produces multiple "how to" miniature painting videos each month based on their membership feedback. They are at 30 videos and counting. These are fun and insightful videos that will help any miniature painter (no matter where you are at in your journey) level up and have more fun painting miniatures. So for sure check them out even if you do not enter this contest.


1st Place - $300 in Dark Sword Miniatures Online Store Credit

2nd Place - $250 in Dark Sword Miniatures Online Store Credit

3rd Place - $200 in Dark Sword Miniatures Online Store Credit

4th Place - $150 in Dark Sword Miniatures Online Store Credit

5th Place - $100 in Dark Sword Miniatures Online Store Credit

Miniature Monthly will also be providing random cool prizes to entries that did not win a Dark Sword prize as they really want to encourage people to simply paint and have fun.

Painting Contest Rules:

1. You need to have a Miniature Monthly membership to enter/be judged in the contest.

2. All entries must use the Dark Sword Miniatures Female Ranger mini (DSM 7474).

3. Entries must be emailed to
miniaturemonthly@gmail.com by midnight Dec. 31st 2017. Miniature Monthly will send you confirmation that they received your entry within 24 hours. If they do not, please check the email and send again.

4. Please send a
maximum of 4 photos (front, back, left side, and right side).

5. We will be posting all the entries to galleries on the Miniature Monthly Web site and social media, so by entering you are giving us permission to share your entry online.

6. Winners will be announced January 5, 2018.
Dark Sword Miniatures will then contact each winner via email with instructions on selecting your prizes and providing your shipping address.

7. If you were wondering, there is only one category, but you can display the Female Ranger however you like. Diorama, vignette, single mini, it’s up to you. Just remember you only have two months to complete your project so don't get too crazy and miss the deadline! You can also have other figures in the scene, but whatever you do, the Female Ranger
must be in it somewhere.

8. Contest Judges are Elizabeth Beckley, Jim Ludwig, and Aaron Lovejoy.

9. If you are new to Miniature Monthly, take some time and check out some of their tutorial videos. They currently have around 30 videos (with more being added each month), all of which can be found here in their handy dandy
video guide.

10. If you have any questions please feel free to email Aaron Lovejoy at aaronadvedge@yahoo.com or Jim Ludwig at jludwig@DarkSwordMiniatures.com

11. The most important rule of all - HAVE FUN !!


Elizabeth and Aaron from Miniature Monthly and Jim from Dark Sword Miniatures.