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CMON Natalya (Alexi Z) 4 DVD Set


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All miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale unless otherwise noted, come unpainted, and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only.

CMON – Miniature Painting Secrets with Natalya (Alexi Z)
An Advanced Tutorial DVD from Multi-Golden Demon and Slayer Sword Winner Alexi Z Just scroll down and take a peek at some of her painted miniatures… As you all know, I have been a HUGE fan of any sort of painting tutorial sites or instruction I can get my hands on. And then over the past couple years or so, a few different DVD painting tutorials came out and I was over the moon. This comprehensive 4 DVD set from CMON and Alexi Z has over 13 hours of instructional video on it. A while back, it dawned on me that I should start stocking items like this for people that want to save money on shipping so they can order something like this up with their Dark Sword order and get it all in one shot. Natalya Melnik is the winner of two Golden Demon Slayer Swords, countless Golden Demons and most recently the 2010 Privateer Press Grand Master Painter.
Please note – this is a DVD set that will take intermediate level painters to the next level. If you are looking for a DVD set that will take you all the way from basic/new painter to an intermediate/advanced level, The Hot Lead DVD set that we stock is still the best intro tutorial DVD set money can buy. However, if you want to see how one of the top painters in the world paints her miniatures and pick up tips and tricks for advancing your own painting skills to a very high level, then this DVD set is for you.
So here you have it folks – you can now pick this up in our Online Store for a bargain price of $49.99. This is an amazing 4 DVD set that is bursting at the seams with over 13 hours of footage. This equates to less than $4.00 per hour of instruction from a world-famous multi Slayer Sword award-winning painter. A tiny sampling of painted Alexi miniature pictures are down below as well.

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Format: DVD-Video Multi-region DVD, NTSC Viewable on PC and Mac computers with DVD players Viewable on DVD players and televisions that support NTSC Optimized for progressive scan Total Length: 13+ hours English and Russian Soundtrack/Language Options Menus in English.

Click here to be taken to a Trailer for the Tutorial with sample footage

DVD Tutorial Set Overview from CMON: More than 13 hours of high quality video covering advanced preparation techniques, painting faces, flesh, freehand and NMM. 4 DVD set, the longest DVD tutorial available anywhere in a single package Watch as Alexi Z paints GW Teclis from start to finish in over 20 hours, running at double speed on discs 3 and 4, complete with commentary with her thoughts on color choice and things to look out for when implementing her secrets. For intermediate to advanced painters. Learn how to paint like an international winner! See every brush stroke, and fully understand by watching the complete process. You will never see another tutorial like this!

The following are some of Alexi’s painted miniatures from other miniature companies.

This amazing Tom Meier sculpt painted by Alexi Z was chosen as the cover for the 2008 CMON Annual.

Some more Alexi Z pics from the CMON 2008 Annual.