Good dragons and females (witches and warriors both) are hard to find especially of such excellent quality.

Marike Mistress of the Bugs V1 – 54mm



Tom Meier



All miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale unless otherwise noted, come unpainted, and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only.

Special Edition – Marike – Mistress of the Bugs – DSM7501
54mm Miniature – Original Concept and Sculpt by Tom Meier
Marike loves bugs, reptiles, amphibians, you know – all sorts of cuddly creatures. So bugs (in this case beetles) had to be part of her get-up for our first tribute mini in her honor. So we decided to make her an evil bug controlling sorceress. She is getting ready to blow a kiss for this particular miniature.
Left to right – Larry Elmore, Marike, Tom Meier and of course me. Painted by Marike Reimer Marike painting Marike – what is this world coming to?!? She added in the little butterfly – a very nice touch. Painted by Marike Reimer Painted by Marike Reimer Painted by Marike Reimer 54mm Miniature