Just a note to say, I've been painting miniatures for the last 15 years, and the miniatures from Dark Sword are easily among the best I've seen. Kudos and congratulations to your company. I look forward to getting my hands (and brushes) on these products.

Deluxe Jessica Rich Masterworks 6 DVD Set


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All miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale unless otherwise noted, come unpainted, and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only.

Masterworks Miniatures Painting with Jessica Rich – 6 DVD Set – Deluxe Edition with 7 Pewter Demo Miniatures

Level up on your miniature painting techniques under the guidance of multi-award-winning miniature painter Jessica Rich. Jessica will guide you from module to module covering the many techniques she is famous for. This page is for the specially priced Deluxe DVD Set that comes with the seven main pewter miniatures that Jessica demonstrates on throughout the DVD. These seven miniatures are shown below and retail on their own for $82.93. You can now follow along with Jessica on the exact miniatures she is teaching on.

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Jessica will demonstrate how she paints her amazingly smooth skin tones, incredible faces/eyes, sheer fabrics, insane freehand patterns/portraits, NMM, OSL, and limited color palettes, along with her approaches for difficult colors like red, black and white.

This comprehensive 6 DVD set is bursting at the seams with over 20 hours of content and will help miniature painters of all skill levels further refine/enhance their craft. Jessica Rich is one of the most talented miniature painters in the world today as you can see from a sampling of her works in the images below. She has won multiple Golden Demon Awards, An Overall Best in Show at Gen Con 2013, and has also taken Overall Best in Show two years in a row for ReaperCon 2013 and 2014. Format: DVD-Video Multi-region DVD (Region 0), NTSC Viewable on PC and Mac computers with DVD players* Viewable on DVD players and televisions that support NTSC* Total Length: 20+ hours English Language Menus in English *Remember to adjust your monitor/TV settings as needed from module to module to make sure colors are popping just right for that module. Color, Brightness, Contrast and Backlighting adjustments can make a huge viewing difference for optimal DVD viewing on something like a miniature painting tutorial.

“I don’t have the time – or the talent – to paint my figures myself, so I’ve been using “hired brushes” for some years now. There are some amazing painters in the world of miniatures, and Jessica Rich is one of the best. She’s done a couple dozen figures for me now, both in gaming scale and 54mm, and I’d swear that she gets better with every commission. The only problem with Jess’s painting is that word is getting out about how good she is, so she doesn’t have as much time to paint my figures as she used to (sob). I see awards in her future…” – George R.R. Martin (GRRM) – June 2014

“Jess’ skill with a brush and her approach to color are taking the miniature painting hobby by storm, and established painters would do well to take note. Personally, I go to painting contests prepared to congratulate Jess for out-painting me.” – Marike Reimer – June 2014

“Jess skillfully applies 2-D fine art techniques to 3-D models, resulting in spectacular freehand decoration. Her minis are prime examples of how to use bold, vibrant color in subtle and sophisticated ways. Jess’ work always accentuates the character of a sculpt. In a few short years Jess has honed her skills to a level to compete with some of the world’s best painters. I’m looking forward to seeing entries from her in the Crystal Brush competition!” – Jen Haley – June 2014

“Jessica’s style is an eye-catching and instantly-engaging blend of rich, earthy colors and astounding tapestry freehand. She’s raising the bar at every painting competition she enters. If the mini-painting world has rock stars, they had better bring their best–Jess is kicking butt and taking names!” – Anne Foerster – June 2014

Please note – this is a DVD set that will take you all the way from above a basic level of painting skill up to an advanced skill level. If you are new to this great hobby or want to make sure you have the proper foundational building blocks/knowledge in place, I would strongly recommend our Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jen Haley and Anne Foerster 3 DVD set (over 10 hours of instruction) to start things off. For those of you who have watched our first DVD set: Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jen Haley and Anne Foerster, this new DVD set is a perfect second step in your learning. For those who simply dig Jessica and her painting, this is a great jumping in point to learn all sorts of interesting techniques and approaches from Jessica Rich. This completes our Tutorial DVD Trilogy where you can learn from some of the very best miniature painters in the world with Jen Haley & Anne Foerster, Marike Reimer and now Jessica Rich. Regardless if you are newer to miniature painting or have some solid skills already, this DVD set can help you level up. So pull up a seat to Jessica’s painting table and learn from one of the very best!

Jessica Rich DVD Set Testimonials

…My Jessica Rich DVD arrived a couple of days ago and I have since had a chance to look at some of it. I would just like to say what an excellent instructional DVD it is. Top marks to you and Jessica on producing such an excellent DVD. I didn’t think you could have improved on the one with Marike, but you have.

… If you are on the fence about this purchase, GET OFF THE FENCE. This is a must watch DVD set if you want to improve your painting. I cannot say enough good things about these videos. Truly amazing work by an amazing painter.

… I have not watched all of the modules yet but I liked what I have seen so far. I have watched a lot of other painting videos so I have seen a lot of what is covered by other artists but I think the selection of topics covers most things people look for tips of and it’s all in one place and you can just go to what you are looking for.

… I have watched them all the way through twice. I enjoyed them and did learn from them. After watching them I feel more confident to tackle smaller figures. I’ve been painting the BIG scales for awhile and would like to try my hand at the small stuff after watching them. All in all a good job Jessica!

…I can’t wait for the set! … I have it and watch it almost non-stop. This is an amazing encyclopedia of master painter techniques that will be of value to any painter, no matter what their current skill level.

…Make sure you watch the freehand section.

…AMAZING DVDs. This is worth every penny. Keep up the great work!

… I have a hard time with faces and this helped out a ton. I think I was painting with too much contrast in my colors. Seeing her transitions made me rethink my choice of colors.

…I have tried NMM in the past and have been a bit off. I now feel like I have a good understanding and can apply the process to my work.

…Painting black. I am a huge Black Templars fan, however just priming black and hitting the details looks boring. The section on painting black will help my army really pop.

… The DVD set arrived last week. So far I am just finishing disc one. I have already learned a few new things. Much more comfortable with a wet pallet. Also using sealer to cover up some of the flash lines or rough surfaces.

…Wow, that looks fantastic. Very excited for this!

…I definitely need to look into this.

…20 hours of Jessica Rich? OMG!!

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