I have just received your package. The miniatures are much better than i expected. This is extraordinary work, congratulations.

Hawk – Treasure Hunter



Jeff Grace



All miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale unless otherwise noted, come unpainted, and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only.

Special Edition – Hawk – Treasure Hunter – DSM6503
Sculpted by Jeff Grace
From time to time I like to honor the talented folks I have the privilege to collaborate with by immortalizing them (or their pets) in pewter and making them part of the Dark Sword line. Next up was Ron Hawkins from Reaper Miniatures. Ron is about the nicest guy a person could ever talk shop with and he grew up loving the same miniatures (Ral Partha and Grenadier) that I did. We did Ron as a fantasy version of a treasure hunter – a certain treasure hunter he is a big fan of and has dressed up as from time to time at ReaperCon.

Painted by Jessica Rich Painted by Jessica Rich Painted by Jessica Rich Painted by Jessica Rich

Concept Art by Talin