Easley Dragons Set # 1 - Red Dragon

Easley Dragons Set # 1 - Red Dragon
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Sculptor: Dave Summers
Materials: Pewter

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All miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale unless otherwise noted, come unpainted, and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only.


Easley Dragons Set # 1 - by Jeff Easley
Sculpted by Dave Summers

There is a custom base that Matt did for this piece coming as well. I also had Matt do a step by step painting tutorial for this (we were going to put in Harbinger Magazine). I will get it into a magazine or painting guide and also post on the Web. The first Easley Dragon - finally here. Jeff and I sat down and designed a couple dragons last year at a Con after Dave reamed me for all those skinny facial and wing spikes on the Elmore Dragons Set # 2 - Crimson Dawn Red Dragon. So we kept away from all the skinny facial spikes/wing spikes and stuck true to the thick pitbull-like look of the classic Easley Dragons. Jeff usually does a shorter and thicker neck on a good chunk of his Dragons so we went with that theme to offer up a unique looking beastie for our first Easley set. The next one on deck is up on its hind legs. We have size comparison pics and I have also done up our first blackwashing on the dragon and some singles just to test out the process. Do people like these blackwashed pics to pull out the details on the actual metal copies? Let me know...

FYI - Jeff Easley was good enough to paint the sketch of the Dragon. Take a peak at the bottom of the page. I have received many questions on the size of our dragons so here are the dimensions: Length: 5.25 inches (or 133mm), Height to top of wings: 4.25 inches (or 107mm), Weight: 14 ounces of pewter

Painted by Matt Verzani

Painted by Matt Verzani

Painted by Matt Verzani

Painted by Matt Verzani

Painted by Peter Lee

Painted by Muerto on CMON

Jeff Easley went ahead and painted up the B&W Dragon Drawing for the Box Cover.