2008 Visions in Fantasy Roadkill The Troll Tribute Miniature

2008 Visions in Fantasy Roadkill The Troll Tribute Miniature
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Sculptor: Dave Summers
Materials: Pewter

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Visions in Fantasy - Roadkill The Troll - Tribute Miniature
Robert Scott Aiken AKA "Roadkill the Troll" - Local Gamer - RIP.
Sculpted by Dave Summers

Dark Sword worked with our local game store "The Source" and a local artist to produce a tribute miniature for a local gamer who passed away from a brain tumor. Interesting enough, even though we both frequented The Source, our paths never crossed. Which is a shame as he was quite a character from what you will see when I get pics of him posted up to go along with the miniature. More information about the origins of this miniature is down below at the bottom of the page. Please note that this is a large troll miniature measuring 52mm to the top of his mug and 49mm to the top of his horns. We wanted him to be about 9 feet tall (as a troll should be).

Painted by Matt Verzani

Painted by Matt Verzani

Painted by Joy Schoenberger

Inked with Reaper Master Series Paints
We have Roadkill hoisting a mug of Dark Ale to the world with a cigar in his mouth. You will notice the dead Ermine (a member of the weasel family like the ferret) on his hat along with the feathers and other bits and pieces he collected over the years. He was also known for his pointed boots. These were both trademark Roadkill wardrobe pieces.
Inked with Reaper Master Series Paints Inked with Reaper Master Series Paints
Original November 2, 2007 email From The Source letting everyone know about the situation (this is a perfect example of why Dark Sword bends over backwards to support our local gaming store):
Hello Everyone,
Quite possibly this is the most difficult e-mail we've ever had to send out. It's about very bad news, it's about courage and ultimately hope.
Our very dear friend Robert Scott Aiken AKA "Roadkill the Troll"a fixture and blessing in our personal and professional lives over the years has been diagnosed with an extremely deadly form of brain cancer. We can't begin express to all of you in our community how this makes us feel and how it will ultimately affect us. We love this man like a brother.
In typical Roadkill fashion he has expressed pity "on the poor disease that comes after me". His courage and noble heart are quite simply the stuff from which legends are born and life lessons are learned. It is our profound hope that as he fights the battle for his life that he truly understands that he does not now or will he ever stand alone. While fighting the good fight, Roadkill has expressed a wish that he, and his wife Susan, return to the spot where they had their original honeymoon, Disney World (of course!) and that is why we are writing to you, our community of family and friends, today. We come to you, hat in hand, to make a couple of humble requests. First, if you are of a faith whatever prayers or acknowledgments you could offer in support Roadkill and Susan would be profoundly appreciated.
Second, as of this moment, the Source has initiated operation "TravelingTrolls". We are inviting all of you to help us assemble the financial resources they need to make their dark days ahead a little brighter and the opportunity to step up and stand with one of our very own.
We'll be collecting money at the store for the next couple of weeks to give to Roadkill and Susan. 100% of all proceeds will go directly to them. In addition to making our own donation, we at the Source will also be matching any monies you folks are kind enough to offer. Donations of cash, check, credit cards and Troll food will be accepted. You can send it, call it in or get it to us anyway you can. Time is of the essence!
Finally, for those of you who may not know Roadkill and Susan personally, at the bottom of this e-mail (see below), I've enclosed a note from a good friend of his that pretty much sums up how we feel.
Thank you for your time, thoughtful considerations for allowing us to share this with you.
Your friends,
Jerry, Bob, Nick, Hans, Chad, Burl, John N., John K., Dan, Greg, Pat,Tim, Greg, Shawn
1601 West Larpenteur Ave
Falcon Heights, MN. 55113
Dark Sword Post Script to this email - The TravelingTrolls were indeed sent to Disney World (in style) for two weeks. They had an amazing time with a personal Disney assistant that made sure they moved to the front of every line and were able to see and do everything there was at Disney World. I have been informed that when presented with this tribute miniature at a local convention called "Convergance" in early July, Roadkill's wife Susan wept as she knew nothing about this fast moving (and top secret) project to forever immortalize her husband in pewter.