I received my miniatures. They are superbly crafted. I have been purchasing Rackham miniatures, in the stores I frequent. I must say that the quality of the miniatures you folks just sent me is superior to any miniature I have seen.

Large Demon Knight


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Tom Meier



All miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale unless otherwise noted, come unpainted, and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only.

Parkinson Masterworks
DSM2106 – Lost Prince – Large Demon Knight
Sculpted by Tom Meier
FYI – We decided to give this Demon a large Demon Axe to spice it up a tad. This pic does not do justice to the ornate detail work Tom has lavished on the chestplate of this Demon. Great painted pics are down below.
Painted by Matt Verzani Painted by Matt Verzani Painted by Matt Verzani Painted by Matt Verzani This DUZI 2007 award winning piece was painted up by Stefan. I would love to see this in person someday. Painted by Jay Berezowsky Painted by Jay Berezowsky