Sad Panda # 3



Jason Wiebe



All miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale unless otherwise noted, come unpainted, and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only.

Visions in Fantasy – Sad Panda 3 "Saddest Panda" – DSM7991

Part of the Critter Kingdoms™ Miniature Range
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe

We did a limited edition Sad Panda miniature about 3 years ago that was quite popular. It was based on a real life person that is a personal friend of mine (who will remain nameless to ensure groupies do not follow him around at Conventions) at the request of Dave from CMON. We then released Sad Panda # 2. And now we are doing yet another Sad Panda as we simply love the Power of the Panda! I need to start naming the Panda’s to keep them straight. Something with a P in it….how about Panda Paul? Hmmm….. FYI – Jess channeled her "inner-Marike Panda" to nail the studio model paintjob.

Painted by Jessica Rich

Painted by Jessica Rich

Painted by Jessica Rich

Older Panda miniatures from Jason the Panda Master.