Here’s what people have to say about Dark Sword Miniatures

Below is just a small sampling of email testimonials from our customers that I have started saving for the past 14 years once I got the bright idea to start archiving them (yeah, it took me 4 years for the lightbulb to go off). I know I have not saved them all in the hustle and bustle of things, but I know I saved a good deal of them. I will post them up here so people that are new to Dark Sword can scroll through them and see what customers from around the world have to say about our multi-award winning miniatures and our customer service. These are simply customers taking time out of their busy day to write Dark Sword and tell us how pleased they were with their purchase. That is a pretty cool thing to do, and it always brings a big smile to my face. And I do personally answer every single email.

I am telling you this because a number of years ago when I worked at a somewhat large company in their marketing department, we had to literally offer up free services and extra perks to some of our existing long time customers just to get them to say something nice about our company so we could have some testimonials to put in our marketing materials. No one ever emailed that company out of the blue telling them how thrilled they were with the products/services provided to them. It always stuck with me that this was not a good sign for a company. So it took a few years after founding Dark Sword Miniatures for me to connect the dots and realize that when people took the time out of their day to email me and tell me how happy their were with their purchases and/or customer service, I should start to save these emails and do something cool with them instead of simply responding to them and thanking them for their email (which I still do as well). Well, now there is this nifty page on our new site for just such a thing. Please note – names have been removed to respect the privacy of our customers.

“Got all my figs this weekend and they are beautiful as usual! Thank you!”

“You have superb customer service and I’ll recommend you to all of my friends in the future. The sorceress model is amazing and I only hope my painting can do it justice.”

“I have just received your package. The miniatures are much better than i expected. This is extraordinary work, congratulations.”

“Thanks for the quick shipment. I was not disappointed! The miniatures look great.”

“Good dragons and females (witches and warriors both) are hard to find especially of such excellent quality.”

“Now that is a true service: a week later and they have arrived (and they are looking good). And don’t worry: I’ll try to keep up the banner of Dark Sword Miniatures up here in Belgium.”

“I just wanted to say, I absolutely love your miniatures. I plan on trying to order exclusively from your site from now on. I received one of your miniatures in a lot that I purchased from ebay and am just amazed at the difference in detail, especially the facial features. For those of us who still want the old school more realistic fantasy figures, without the cartoonish looking features and ridiculously large hands, feet, and weapons, your site is wonderful.”

“Thank you so much – all of my figures arrived safe and sound. And so fast – you guys do such a great job.”

“This was my first purchase from Dark Sword – the first of many I suspect! The quality of you figures is second to none and I look forward to new releases with eager anticipation.”

“Your package arrived Tuesday in good condition. I am sure my friend will love her present. Thank you for your excellent product and service.”

“I just got back into town from the holidays and received your package. The products from your company were amazing and I began working on them immediately.”

“I am already a happy Darksword customer- You guys make some of the best miniatures in my collection, and I am never happier than when I get a customer bringing me one of yours to paint!”

“Just a note to say, I’ve been painting miniatures for the last 15 years, and the miniatures from Dark Sword are easily among the best I’ve seen. Kudos and congratulations to your company. I look forward to getting my hands (and brushes) on these products.”

“I’ve been checking the site weekly 😉 yes, I’m a nut for Dark Sword’s miniatures.”

“I got my order safely today thank you very much – beautiful figurines!”

“Thanks for some really incredible minis.”

“To my shame, before today I never really paid that much attention to the Darksword range….:( However after a little research into your Minis I am blown away.”

“Your site and figures are very appreciated in France. I’m really impatient to receive your figures.”

“I received my miniatures. They are superbly crafted. I have been purchasing Rackham miniatures, in the stores I frequent. I must say that the quality of the miniatures you folks just sent me is superior to any miniature I have seen.”

“In all of my purchases, I’ve always been completely satisfied with the quality of your products, the workmanship and pride that goes into their crafting, and the reasonable prices and rapid shipping turnaround. The quality of the miniatures, both in sculpting and casting, has always been excellent.”

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note after receiving my most recent purchase from Dark Sword Miniatures. As always the service was great, the transaction easy, and the products even better than expected. Hands down your company delivers the absolute best in the industry!”

“Thanks for the quick response. I spotted the international shipping dropdown about 10 seconds after emailing you,DOH! I really think some of your products are the absolute pinnacle of the mini sculptors art,and as the owner of 3 maine coon cats you can guess what my first order will be.”

“I’m a miniature enthusiast (an amateur in the strictest sense of the word) and really enjoy painting minis! I currently have a Runequest game going with several very good friends and recently hugely enjoyed surprising them with painted figures of their characters! I just wanted to thank you for having an amazing selection of truly high quality miniatures! As I say whenever I am enthusing with fellow artists, the better the mini is, the easier it is to make them look amazing! I also want to give you props for your web design which allows careful scrutiny of each miniature as well as different color interpretations available for most of them! You guys do a great job and your products help to inspire me! It’s pretty obvious that you’re good at what you do because you love it! 🙂
Keep up the excellent work!”

“I really like your web site. I’m a big fan of miniatures and George R.R. Martin – you have both. What more can I say.”

“This email is to thank you for your service. The mouse warrior is a funny miniature and also seems to be very easy to paint. I will recommend your webpage to my friends here in Spain.
In addition, I’m very happy with your miniatures and their cast quality. Specially, i love refs: DSM7417, DSM7424 and DSM7510. They look great!
I hope to be able to buy more miniature from you early and also, I hope to have enought time to paint the miniatures and send you some pics.”

“Again, thanks for the great website. I look forward to starting this hobby off with a bang 🙂
Thank you for the Info, I must say, that style and charm your minis have is truly wonderful, that Bronze dragon made me slaver like a dog. Anyway i am really looking forwards to getting these models, you guys have some flair i must say. Are there any official UK stockists?
I think i am personally, already a big fan of you guys”

“What a fantastic, funny and gorgeous batch of miniatures! hard to pick any favorites, but the guinea pig with no name and the bard caught my eye first. kudos to dave and jeff. just great stuff, you magnificent bastards!”

“I’m new to the hobby, but I’m hooked. I love your minis and would like to ask for some for Christmas.”

“G’day Jim, Got everything in today in good order. Looking forward to seeing more great minis over the next few months.”

“Being a fantasy/gamer buff and a turtle enthusiast is an odd combination, and I have been looking for turtle minis for… well years! I’m glad I ran across your site.”

“I just received my order. Definitely leaves a very positive impression. Hope to buy from you again.”

“The new sculpts look awesome, I’ll be looking forward to scooping them up and seeing them painted.”

“Hello Jim the figures arrived fine last week cant wait to get them painted up and order some more.”

“I’ll definitely keep an eye on your website as these figures have a level of quality I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a miniature. I thought Reaper was good but your figures simply blow them away.”

“I would like to say that I was amazed at the spectacular quality/details of the miniatures I received in my recent order, they truly are works of art.”

“Thanks for producing fantastic miniatures.”

“Thanks for the special delivery. The pieces are fantastic. I bookmarked your site for future needs. Thanks again.”

“I just received my latest order. Everything is perfect, fast and without error. The figs are beautiful. Your service is excellent. Thank you and many greetings”

“I really like your work!”

“Mail order arrived in perfect condition! Thank you very much! Permit me to congratulate you once more for the very high quality of your products!”

“The models have arrived today! Thanks for your prompt responses I will likely make another order as soon as I can.”

“The shipment arrived today, and everything is perfect! I’ll be placing another order soon, to expand our inventory to include all things Dark Sword. Thanks for doing a great job with everything! Talk to you soon.”
“Thank you Jim, I really appreciate your prompt response. I think the products are great by the way!”

“Thank you for taking care of everything so rapidly. It is very much appreciated.”

“omg, those are so awesome, I can’t stand it. The gesisha and the two wizards are absolutely my favorites! I can’t wait to see them in metal 😉 Speaking of, the new greens are totally awesome. Will that wood elf be available at gencon?”

“Thanks Jim for a quick reply. This is a truly amazing miniature and I think that is a reasonable price for it.”

“I just discovered Dark Sword minis and I much say you have some beautiful sculpts. I also saw a lot of things that would be incredibly useful in conversion work.”

“Order received yesterday. That was super fast. I’ve been wanting that dragon for a long time and I saw it painted up recently so could no longer resist. Tom’s work as always is superlative.”

“Keep up the good work, especially the furry creatures – my wife loves them…”

“Minis arrived safe and sound, as always :)”

“I would also like to thank you, because you are the one who has brought to life the ASOIAF characters. I take great pleasure with the DSM line and I am beginning to do some interesting things with it.”

“The miniatures arrived this morning before I left for work. Thanks very much–I’m looking forward to assembling and painting! Thanks also for the bonus figure in there. The sculpts are great; you must hear this a lot, but the dragon in particular is huge! I did a quick test-fit and everything looks in order.”

“I received the order thanks. They look great.”

“Received my parcel yesterday, Its fantastic. Very fast delivery and looking forward to getting the rest. Thanks guys!”

“I appreciate your company’s responsiveness. Thanks for the Support & Continuous Efforts.”

“I must say a recent project I am developing has taken me to the four corners of the “miniatures” web, and I found myself drifting back to your site due to the redonkulous quality.
It’s been just a couple of weeks since I’ve discovered your miniatures range and I have to say that you’re doing an awesome job! I really appreciate your “visions in fantasy” series, but, to be true, I LOVE your “frog court”. They ‘re as funny as full of personality, and finely sculpted.
I received the shipment today. You have definitely the highs quality of models currently on the market. Thank you for doing such a great job.”

“I love your pieces, just getting into the hobbie, but am impressed with the quality and detail.”

“I’ve written in the past to tell you how great I think your line of figures are, but I felt another letter was justified. I’m putting the finishing touches on a rather ambitious piece named “The Confrontation”. I used 3 of the Wildling warriors, an elder knight and a young knight (intended to depict father and son), and the Baak creature. The scene is set on a cool ancient roman column ruins base, and the footprint of the scene measures 7×7 inches. In this form it went to Baton Rouge last weekend to compete in a 5 state regional model competition, and took first place in dioramas. Since then I ordered from you and am adding the 2 Wildling women archers.
It is my sincere hope to get my dad (a far more talented photographer) to take some shots so I can share them with you. The piece was a huge hit, and lots of folks took pictures. I made sure your company name was prominent on my entry card as the manufacturer and dealer of all the figures. I’ll be taking the totally finished piece to my local contest next weekend, where it will be the centerpiece in a display of figures I’ll create.
Thanks again for the consistently great service, outstanding quality and variety of figures, and for giving me a real thrill to do fantasy work. I love that your sculptors are so imaginative, and keep churning out such wonderful pieces. Your website is listed on my favorites page, and I check often for the newest work. I only wish I could find as vast a selection of scenery items as I do the figures.”

“The Dragon arrived safely today! Thanks, very nice he is too.”

“I love those! The raccoon is my favorite, just the right amount of smug and cute there!”

“Thanks very much for the fast and friendly service, Jim.”

“Thank you! and keep up the great work….I’ve always loved your miniatures, but I never order figures unless I know I will have the time to paint them, so until now, I haven’t had a chance to grab any of yours.”

“Hi guys, i saw your mini and I have no words to describe how they are beautiful.”

“Just wanted to let you know I have the parcel. Lovely miniatures, the detailing is even better than I expected.”

“It’s been a long time since i wanted to buy you some of your great miniatures and I’ve decided that it’s the time. I’ve seen you’ve got lots of new miniatures, you’re doing a great job.”

“Honest to God Jim, I think that is the coolest f**king miniature I have ever seen.”

“Minis are great, thanks.”

“A friend just sent me the link – the miniatures look great. Great, I was just not sure because they look like they could be 6 or 12 inch statues.”

“I LOVE the new releases, they’re awesome…. I can’t wait to buy them up ;-)”

“Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I received the package in good condition today. Thanks again for the courteous service.”

“Please add me to your mailing list if you have one. Your service so far has been exemplary and I will definitely keep you in mind for future orders.”

“Got the box today–thank you! The Panda is even cuter than in the pictures; and the extras are terrific. You are too kind…which seems to be your normal state.”

“I’m a big time fan of some of the books that you make miniatures from and i just stumbled across your web site when one of my friends, who collects miniatures like these, linked it to me via email. I can’t believe what I am seeing, you do an amazing job of capturing the characters!”

“I just finished painting Tom Meier’s Pirate Lass version 1 this past week and had such a fantastic job doing so. Attached are pictures of the finished product 🙂 Enjoy!! I love your minis :)”

“These are awesome 😉 Looking forward to what’s ahead.”

“Got my shipment today and everything looks great!”

“Hi i have just seen the new greens that you have up of the witch and the male fighter with bastard sword and you have out done your selfs again you keep surpriseing me each time just when i think that you cant do any better you bring something out that floors me so please can you let me know when they will be in the online store as i have got to get them thanks for this.”

“Your products are among the finest (if not THE finest) sculpted fantasy miniatures out there!
I love the new greens you’ve posted… I’m looking forward to placing my next order, then again, I always look forward to my next order ;-)”

“I received the package last wednesday. Thanks for combining the orders and the extra miniatures. Everything arrived in perfect condition. My son received one of the Sad Pandas as part of his presents. I had purchased your early elmore and caldwell releases prior to this but I have found browsing your website to be very easy and informative. I look forward to your future releases.”

“I just wanted to share my first Dark Sword mini I’ve painted. It was a pleasure to paint and I’m sure I’ll be painting more in the future! Thanks for the Great Sculpt.”

“Like always, it’s like Christmas when I get my shipment of Dark Sword Miniatures. They came today and I love’em! Now to get my arse cracking with painting.”

“I saw you minis and i cant believe in my own eyes. You did really great job.”

“Happy 2010. My son and I are hooked on the Song of Fire and Ice series!”

“I’m so excited…. These sculpts are absolutely awesome (as with all your sculpts ;-)”

“You sculpt fantastic figures!”

“I’m simply chomping at the bit and can’t wait to get a hold of the new minis…. they all look fantastic!!! You’ve certainly been busy ;-)”

“As for the order, fantastic sculpts as always, just have to save up to buy some more…”

“I am a fan of your miniatures. They are exquisite. I am also a painter of these figureines. I am having a harder time trying to find excellent quality Pewter figurines.”

“Jeff has a cleanness of line that Dennis had – I love the Silver and Steel Ral partha boxed set and the miniatures often deviate from the art – and I personally think this often adds to the miniature, allowing the Sculptor a little interpretation goes a long way! (I also think he has a little more of a dynamic interpretation which personally I really like to see). I love the new green previews as well – Santa frog, indeed!”

“They arrived today in perfect condition – many thanks. The figures are beautiful.”

“I love the Frog Bishop – I have always been a little unsure of this line, and really welcome the opportunity to look at one properly! Beautiful stuff – I’ll have to save up for that big dragon now…
Many thanks and best wishes.”

“Hi, I recently found your site and have become a firm believer that Dark Sword is the best out there for quality fantasy minis. I swear by you guys now, and I think you put the offerings of competitors like “XXXXXX” to shame. I’m highly pleased with the level of detail and the realism in your products.”

“The best sculpts in the business.”

“After browsing on your site for years I finally ordered the two Parkinson knights (Dual and Demon) and the male ranger by Jeff Grace. They all arrived yesterday and they are absolutely stunning! The detail and quality are outstanding and I can’t wait to start painting them. Everything is first rate with you guys and I’ll definitely be ordering more from you in the future. Keep up the great work!”

“The new sculpts look superb”

“Awesome, YOU ROCK! I’ll be definitely be recommending you as a top choice for minis.”

“It is great to see new high quality miniature lines rising from the ashes of now defunct miniature lines such as Ral Partha and Grenadier.”

“Just keep making the beautiful minis – take care.”

“Hi, just recieved miniatures in England, love them all. My group is a collection of my sons and nephews aged between 9 and 19 all enjoying 1st and 2nd ed. d and d. I’m 39 a veteren of d and d. Only trouble is they refuse to play unless their character is a darksword miniature.”

“Just discovered your website today. I absolutely love the miniatures! Probably the best I’ve ever seen!”

“Guys, you are making a great minis! I’ve reciveved 2 Dark Sword minis. So beautiful, so tiny, so perfect! I’ve already painted one of them. Thank you for all that minis!
With best wishes from Russia:)”

“Your product is very high quality. Like I said, I stumbled upon them on a forum I frequent, glad I did. These will be some interesting pieces to paint and just have.”

“I would love to get the entire court in the next month or so. I think that they are great figs, and would like to get some just to paint.”

“Hello, I just found your wonderful site and the miniatures that you have for the Frog Court are fantastic.”

“Thanks for the friendly service!”

“Thanks for the upgraded delivery and the swag. I appreciate the extra service, and really like the Dark Sword style of sculpting. I particularly like the rich “high-fantasy” visual aesthetic but the more natural anatomy, and the fine level of surface detail with minimal flashing.”

“Many greetings and congratulations for your work. It’s amazing.”

“Excellent new greens! As always, I’m looking forward to their release 😉 I’ll catch you at Gencon… I can’t believe it’s just around the corner.”

“Thank you very much, i have been raving to my gaming group about the quality of your miniatures and the efficiency of your shipping etc (my wife ordered a few for my birthday recently and was very impressed by it all as well) and i know of at least a couple of them who are ordering things as a result. Thank you for the excellent products, it makes gaming more entertaining when i have miniatures that are worth painting.”

“I wanted to drop a line to say the minis look awesome (of course) and to say thank you.”

“Amazing guys….Looks like Mr. Meier finally has company at the top.”

“Jim, thanks a million! Rest assured that I will be back to spend ever so much of my paycheck on your minis! I’ve been looking for ages for quality figures to use with the dwarven forge style dungeon layouts and it is my belief that I have found that very place!”

“I appreciate the effort you all have taken to put quality over variety and the obvious care in the selection of materials that you sell. Expect to hear back from me in the near future. :)”

“I will always be a huge supporter of Dark Sword Miniatures. Thanks again.”

“You get more of my money every time I turn around! I often order from other suppliers, but this one is going straight to you.”

“I’ll take a chance on the mini. Though I had to strip (no pun intended) the black witch three times before I was happy with the paint job, she is one of my favorites. Tom’s stuff is just great. I am just happy you have him sculpting the GRRM stuff. You are the premier miniature maker in my mind. “XXXXXXXXX”, “XXXXXXXXXX”, and a few others are cool, but DS rocks.”

“I’ve been anxiously following your updates and admiring the new additions to the VIF and GRRM lines! They look absolutely awesome and I’m looking forward to adding them to my collection.
Thank you for your help-they are beautiful.”
“Thank you, i am looking forward to ordering some. Good dragons and females (witches and warriors both) are hard to find especially of such excellent quality.”

“I just found your site and am very impressed, but was wondering, if it is not a daft question, how to distinguish between your 28/30mm minis and 54 mm minis,or is it that unless it says 54mm then it is the former.”

“I just got back from a business trip and your package was waiting – it arrived on 18/5. Thanks for the extra miniatures. As usual Tom Meier’s works is superlative.”

“Due to Darksword I bought a Caldwell and Parkinson art book – fantastic.”

“Thanks for the quick shipment. I just picked up the package from the post office this morning. I was not disappointed! The miniatures look great. Thanks as well for the bonus minis. Enjoy the con!”

“Wow! When are the Thief of Hearts and Hedge Knight 2 going to be available? Those are just awesome sculpts and I can’t wait to make my painting friends jealous when I show up with them :)”

“I contacted the post office and was able to have the address changed, and I received the package today. Thank you very much for the SWAG miniature. I haven’t painted in over a year so its great to have something to warm up on before I start on Loras’s armor, which is incredible.”

“I have just recived your package. The miniatures are much better than i expected. This is an extraordinary work, congratulations for the sculptor. Thank you very much for the gift, it really suits very well in the overall group. I´ll try to do my best painting them, they worth it.
I suppose me and my friends will keep on buying some more figures in the future. I am recommending you to everyone who needs a mini. Keep going that way!”

“As usual your responsiveness and consideration of the customer are shown to be the best around.”

“Hello, sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this e-mail. I received all my stuff quite a while ago and I really appreciate the added blisters. You all have superb customer service and I’ll recommend you to all of my friends in the future. The sorceress model is amazing and I only hope my painting can do it justice.”

“I have a couple of your visions of fantasy line and overall I am pleased with them. I am happy to see you doing a Samurai and more happy to see that it isn’t some over the top superhero clad in moronic armor. This is one of the first that I have seen that has a more realistic feel to it. Sure its dramatic but it isn’t over the top and the clothing and armor looks very close to the authentic material.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the extra miniature. The order arrived today, all in good order. Many thanks. The figures are beautiful, and I look forward to making a start on the diorama with the big gold dragon and the three chaos riders.”

“Got all my figs this weekend and they are beautiful as usual! Thank you!”

“Now that is a true service: a week later and they have arrived (and they are looking good). I just want to thank you for the little extra included into my order. It wasn’t necessary but I do appreciate it a lot. And don’t worry: I’ll try to keep up the banner of Dark Sword Miniatures up here in Belgium.”

“Thanks so much for your help. We can’t seem to stop ourselves. I know what you mean about the shipping…but last week there was a fig I just HAD to have and couldn’t get the rest of the group together to order, so gave in just that once 🙂 From now on they are on a strict schedule.”

“Greetings from Belgium! I was redirected to your online store from Martin’s website and I have to say I love your work.”

“Just to let you know my order of the elmore dragon # 5 and Sorceress arrived in good time and with no concerns (to new zealand) i look forward to collceting the rest of the dragons.”

“Thank you so much for your help with straightening out my order. Each of these is a gift so I’m hoping to bring more converts of players/painters (for 20 years we have played them, then painted and retired them) to your site. I couldn’t have found more perfect figures for each of them, so I’m pretty excited for the others to see them. I already had Melissandre for our resident wizard. The only one I couldn’t get fixed up from your site is the kobald :)”

“Again, to you and all your sculptors/artists, wonderful work.”

“Also, I just wanted to say, I absolutely love your miniatures. I plan on trying to order exclusively from your site from now on. I received one of your miniatures in a lot that I purchased from ebay and am just amazed at the difference in detail, especially the facial features. For those of us who still want the old school more realistic fantasy figures, without the cartoonish looking features and ridiculously large hands, feet, and weapons, your site is wonderful.”

“The younger hedge knight is just superb!! Can’t wait for the actual model, great work :)”

“Thank you so much – all of my figures arrived safe and sound. And so fast – you guys do such a great job.”

“And thank you for the extra Barbarian d’Femme – she shall fit in nicely. Very generous of you.”

“I received the miniatures in the post today (Elmore Demoness and Limited edition female Sorceress) and just wanted to say how delighted I am with them – and a special thank you for the extra figure that you added to the order – a happy surprise! This was my first purchase from Dark Sword – the first of many I suspect! The quality of you figures is second to none and I look forward to new releases with eager anticipation.”

“Thanks I really appreciate it, I have a lot of friends that are gamers and I will definitely recommend dark sword minis to them.”

“The figs look great.”

“Miniatures arrived safely. Thanks for the extras – one I’ll keep and the other one I’ll give away.”

“Thanks again for sending the missing arm! If you ever need a customer letter for your website, I’ll write one. Not only do you make fantastic miniatures but your customer service is par excellence!”

“Your package arrived Tuesday in good condition. I am sure my friend will love her present. Thank you for your excellent product and service.”

“Excellent miniatures, but you know that.”

“Like i said in my post on your Forum, I am New to Darksword , but i must say they really are superb minis, as i mentioned my main subject /scale is al ittle bigger than 30mm , but detail wise, dark sword are just superb, ive also said i paint in oils with very good results.”

“Received parcel today. Thanks for quickness & extra miniature…”

“I just got back into town from the holidays and received your package. The products from your company were amazing and I began working on them immediately. I also want to say thank you for the additional miniatures you sent, they were awesome! You were more than generous and I truly appreciate the thought! I will be placing another order later this week to buy the remaining dragons I am interested in.”

“I just wanted to say a BIG Thank you for my delivery. It arrived today and brightened my day. Thank you ever so much for the SWAG as well. Its extremely kind of you.”

“I know your miniatures’ firm by 2 people from my painting club (“Les Canonniers” -> painting club of the city of LILLE, north of France, near England and Belgium).

At my next meeting in my club, I will show all the figures that I bought from your firm to the other painters. And I’m sure that some people will take some “Daenerys” and the “limited Edition”. It’s the raison taht I bought a lot of the 2 miniatures.”

“Thank you so much for dropping the Sorceress by the shop on Wednesday. She’s really an incredible sculpt and cast – the detail work is remarkable and you’re at the top of your form in making the wax turn out fantastically.”

“I shall look forward to getting them – Your service rocks!”

“I am already a happy Darksword customer- You guys make some of the best miniatures in my collection, and I am never happier than when I get a customer bringing me one of yours to paint!”

“Also, just a note to say, I’ve been painting miniatures for the last 15 years, and the miniatures from Dark Sword are easily among the best I’ve seen. Kudos and congratulations to your company. I look forward to getting my hands (and brushes) on these products.”

“Got my order today- thank you for yor nice service and for the extra figurine – all the items are excellent -congratulation to such quality!”

“I received my order today and was surprised by the ‘extra’ mini’s you’ve included. I wanted to drop a line to say thank you and they are much appreciated. I am always touting Dark Sword miniatures to everyone especially when folks ask were a mini came from (usually my primed, unpainted ones since I still have a painting back log) that I’m using for one of my characters. I didn’t get to mention the last swag piece (Roadkill the Troll) was used as a door prize at our Weekend in the Realms event (our event announcement mentioned there was a door prize for this mini from Dark Sword miniatures and a link to the site), and the person who won really liked it.”

“Thanks for all your help, the miniatures arrived today. They are great, I really apreciate all your help.”

“Woo Hoo….. Excellent! 😉 yes, I’m a nut for Dark Swords miniatures.”

“I got my order safely today – thank you very much also for the extra fig – beautiful figurines!”
“The new figures look great!”

“Thanks for some really incredible minis.”

“To my shame, before today I never really paid that much attention to
the Darksword range….:( However after a little research into your Minis I am blown away.”

“Your site and figures are very appreciated in France. I’m really impatient to receive your figures.”

Today I receive my Order – Every things is ok and I’m in huge shock! i received parcel wit minis in 6 day from the moment of my payment. Also thans for gift-mini :)”
“I received my miniatures. They are superbly crafted I have been purchasing XXXXXXXX miniatures, in the stores I frequent. I must say that the quality of the miniatures you folks just sent me is superior to any miniature I have seen. I am sure I will be working my way through the G.R.R. Martin line.”
“I am once again amazed by how quick my orders arrive. All of the minis look great, especially the Elmore Mountain Giant. I also saw several days ago that you refunded one of the shipping charges since I ordered twice in the same night. That was both amazing and unexpected. Dark Sword is definitely customer service oriented. If I ever see my 29 year dream of owning my own gaming store come true, I will absolutely feature your miniatures. As it is, I am already your biggest fan in Southern California.”

“First, I’d just like to say that I’ve purchased quite a few miniatures from your company. I love Dennis Mize’s work, and will sorely miss it. I bought the Elmore sets 1, 2, 3, and 8, and bought the special edition deal you offered a while back, plus several individual miniatures from the Visions in Fantasy line. In all of those purchases, I’ve always been completely satisfied with the quality of your products, the workmanship and pride that goes into their crafting, and the reasonable prices and rapid shipping turnaround. The quality of the miniatures, both in sculpting and casting, has always been excellent.”

“i just stumbled on your website while searching for special miniatures. And I have to say that I am really impressed ! These Miniatures look really good.”
“The miniatures arrived promptly today in good shape, and glancing at the extra pack, it looks like at least one of the “Critters-Dudes” is a cat and will go along well. (The sticker made it difficult to see the rest, and I won’t open them until the weekend to flash/prime). I happen to love anthropomorphic minis, but my collection contains many others as well… I expect to be ordering more a few weeks down the line (depending on my schedule). Thanks for being so helpful.”

“Just to say a BIG THANK YOU for the swag as the parcel has arrived. The figures are brilliant.”

“I wanted to let you know the shipment arrived safe & sound. They’re destined for my Wood Elf army, mostly as squad leaders – I thought the female centaurs would be cool for commanders of cavalry – and would make a great cav unit with some more variations – banner, muso, commander (is that a hopeful hint 🙂 I once saw a complete unit of centaurs painted as grey palominos (counted as light cav) – pretty cool. Many thanks for your great work, PSt.”

“As I’ve written before, it’s always a great pleasure to read emails from DSM – I like the way you run your business. And it’s where I learnt of the shift in mortal planes of Gary Gygax (& Denis Mize) – tis sad but how much better world do we have because of the work of these creators & artists. I too remember the first little paper bound edition of D&D – a big step from the old board game
Dungeon (which I still have).”

“Being over the Big Pond, I like to make orders worth while from the USA. Last year I had a similar size order from Thunderbolt Mountain – hard to beat Tom’s work.”

“Now I can wait eagerly for some great work from DSM. I’ll be lurking about the letter box in the next few days :-)”

“Yes, you’re right! DARK SWORD does have and makes ‘darn’ fine products and their ‘customer service’ is pretty ‘snifty’ too! 😎 That is certainly ‘above and beyond’ in my book or should be in anyone’s…for whatever it’s worth.

As far as the quality of some sculpts or castings….I guess there are always going to be some folks that have ‘different viewpoints’ about different things at different times. It’s the nature of the business but in looking at some of the past works…(like those I purchased before this) and then this order and some of the new, upcoming works…I cannot help but be impressed and overwhelmed…by the overall quality and detail.

Well, you’re right…YOU/Dark Sword does make DARN fine products…and you’ve not only renewed my faith in your products and service, but that there are still folks out there that DO CARE and take things like quality, value and service…very seriously!

I guess that makes me a ‘fan’/true believer of Dark Sword now…and I eagerly await future releases…like the George RR Martin line you mentioned, (as sculpted so magnificently by Tom Meier)…such at the ‘Lannister Lady in Waiting’ or your 6th Anniversary figure of ‘Marike: Mistress of the Bugs’ in two different versions/scales/poses even!

The detail in the figures, especially the faces for 28mm figures is simply awesome!

A happy customer and ‘true believer'”

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note after receiving my most recent purchase from Dark Sword Miniatures. As always the service was great, the transaction easy, and the products even better than expected. Hands down your company delivers the absolute best in the industry!
Take care and keep up the good work.”

“I’ve collected dragons for a long time, and I must say, your dragons look nicer than anything else I’ve seen. It’s a credit to the sculptors. They are truly superb.”

“Let me start by saying that your mini line is incredible and I look forward to getting some paint on some of these pieces.”

“I’ve been covetting many of the miniatures on your site. I’ll have to put together an order soon.
Amazing. Anyway, great miniatures and hopefully sometime soon I can find a retailer in the Portland, OR area to buy several of your miniatures, especially DSM1310, DSM6407 and the very cool DSM7011!”

“What do I think of the miniature?” well to put it simply BLOWN AWAY!! the level of
detail on the sculpture in amazing. I used a 5x jewelers glass to get a closer look
and I was still finding details in missed with the naked eye. How on earth did you
manage to cast the wand that thin?, I was expecting to replace a tree trunk with
some piano wire. Put it this way I’ve had 90’s and 120’s with less detail and
crispness than this one.

It was my wife who saw the mini on the site and asked if I would paint her up in
colours of her choice (should be interesting).

My next purchase will be the Ogress and child I inquired about a while back I have
a few projects to finish off first but I’ll be back for more.

My compliments to the sculptor and caster of this beautiful miniature.”

“I have received the order. Everything is in perfect condition. Thank you very much.”

“Your assasin fig is the balls btw.”

“R.I.P., Dennis Mize and Keith Parkinson. I never had the privilege of meeting either of these fine gentlemen, but they continue to inspire me. Thank you for your dedication to keeping their memory and works alive through Dark Sword.

Paintability – DS minis are suprisingly easy to paint. I originally bought several DS minis because they were beautiful sculpts with gorgeous details & proportions, but I hesitated to paint them. Why? I simply didn’t think I could do them justice. Having them in hand at GenCon painting classes and a couple of Paint-n-Take events relieved that bit of performance anxiety and ultimately changed my mind. I found DS minis are somehow easier to paint than a lot of others I have tried. Maybe it’s because the details and castings are so sharp & crisp, yet with smooth (not pitted) areas. Maybe it’s the flow and accessibility to the details without crazy proportions and gear getting in the way. I don’t know what it is about them, really, but I can tell you I am in the process of dumping a lot of older, lumpier sculpts in favor of DS. Jen Haley and Anne Foerster both said the same thing at GenCon a couple of years ago, and it only recently really sank in (I’m a slow learner): “Stop wasting time and money trying to ‘get good’ with crappy tools. The paintjob will be better if you start with the best brushes, paints and minis you can get.” I already replaced my paints and brushes, and I’m learning what works for me in terms of minis. Dark Sword fits my style very well. Summary: Thank you for the end-to-end quality of DS minis, from design to sculpt to casting. And thank you for getting them out there, making them available to classes and P-n-T events.

Sculptor/product line – having Tom Meier on the George R.R. Martin range is fantastic. To be honest, I don’t read the novels, but I love the sculpts enough to buy and paint most of what has been done so far.

Sculptor – Jeff Grace. Dang! He just keeps getting better and better. Good variety, dynamic poses, excellent characterization…please keep him busy with sculpts like that new ranger used for the Jen Haley ‘monochrome’ tutorial. He is proving that miniatures sculpted with imagination and character do not have to be exaggerated and cartoony.

Sorry, despite my attempt at brevity, I still rambled. Thank you for your time and attention, it’s very much appreciated. Keep up the great work at Dark Sword. Good luck and continued success to you with GAMA at Origins. See you at GenCon!”

“Love your sight. Some great stuff. I would certainly like to order some of your products.”

“Love the new greens!! and I’m looking forward to viewing the new GRRM ones in the near future.”

“Congrats on the ‘best figures’ thing!”

“I have collected some choice Dark Sword
figures from time to time for specific ‘characters’ in
a game or a couple…just for the sheer ‘oooooh,
aaaaaahhhh’ factor and DISPLAY on Shelf mode…(so
that I can prove to non-believers that MINIATURES are
indeed an ‘art form’ unto themselves.”

“Thanks for making and putting the Dark Sword site together, It has helped me improve my miniature painting. Although I have been collecting miniatures since the 80’s back when Larry Elmore made his Silver Steel series. I just started painting and displaying in the last couple of years. I mainly built larger scale models and figures.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks for a great site and ALL the hard work.
I am sure everyone feels the same way I do….”

“Just a quick line to let you know that I received the items today, May 5th. Thanks for the super service.”

“Wow… the mini’s did come today and they look Awesome! I wanted to send this quick note to say thank you very much for the additional Elmore mini (Mermaid Warrior), it was a nice surprise and I really appreciate it. Take care and catch you soon.”

“Thank you for the prompt precessing of my order. The sculpts are fantastic and the complimentary figure is great! This has been a very positive experience and I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.”

“By the way your minis are some of the most impressive ones on the market.”

“It’s a great line up of figures, and I look forward to adding them and a number of other Dark Sword miniatures to my collection. Take care, and thanks for the great miniatures!”

“i am very found of all your mini’s, they are simply awesome.”

“Excellent! Thanks for the quick response!”

“I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the continued excellent work and service from Dark Sword Miniatures. I just received my most recent order and could not be more happy with the quality or the customer service. Like you, I’ve been a fantasy fan almost my entire life, and your company continues to breath new life into this hobby. Over the last year I’ve turned a number of my friends into huge fans, and they are all singing your praises now as well.
Thanks so much, and keep up the great work! As always, I will be looking forward to what’s next.”
“You guys have always been a class act. I love the Elmore minis done by Dennis Mize, and Jeff Grace is an extremely talented person to follow in his footsteps.”

“As always, love the minis!”

“Just took a visit to the site and I love the latest greens by Jeff. I’m looking forward to the Visions In Fantasy releases and Set #10 of the Elmore Masterworks.”

“I’m an avid hobbyist and the miniatures I see on your site are quite impressive. These are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Well done.”

“Amazing. Thanks, Jim. Very much appreciated…”

“Well I love your stuff and it is almost all I use. Keep up the great work and happy new year!
Love the new Martin miniatures. Looking forward to the whole set!”

“Hi Jim. Best yet, i will have to put my best eyes in to paint these superb figures. Give my best to everyone concerned. Thanks.”

“I’ve never seen the darksword stuff in person before, so I thought I’d just order one of the night watch figs to check them out. Might be ordering more down the line, they’re pretty dang sharp. :)”

“I really appreciate your customer service. I wanted to let you know that I did receive the full 10 mini set and am so excited to surprise my husband with them.”

“Thank you so much for your email!! My husband loves George R.R. Martin and got me into the books as well! He is going to be so excited to get these. Thank you so much! I know how busy the holidays can get especially when customers order things at the last minute. I work for a very busy printing company and I am in the same boat with you!
Thanks again for everything. You helped make our first Christmas together be a lasting one! “

“Keep up the great work with the minis, I love them.”

“So thanks again for bringing together a couple of my favorite obsessions ;).”

“I received my two sets today (number 04 and 05, woohoo) and am very happy with the packaging and the condition of the minatures. Thanks very much.”

“I received the package today. They look great. Thanks for your help.”

“I do appreciate how nicely it was packaged so as not to get damaged. Thank you again! I was telling a friend this evening about the set (and he has read the books) so he may be purchasing a set as well ;-)”

“Well, I’ve grown to expect nothing less then spectacular when it comes to miniatures from Dark Sword, and my expectations were most definitely met when I received my box of miniatures today. They’re awesome!!”

“Thanks for bringing to life (or pewter to be precise) such great works of art.”

“I write from italy so forgive me for my bad english.
This is a story with two beginnigs:)
The first one is when i was a 8 year boy and saw some paintings from an Ad&d box (years later i knew it was one made by the great Keith Parkinson) and i fell in love with this game and of course all those artist helped me and definitely influenced my fantasy imaginary.
Years later i became an Ad&d addicted collector and player (and still i am).
As i like drawing i’ve got lot of inspiration from 4 artist, some Faboulous Artist:)…
the second beginning starts when my girlfriend called me on the phone and said: “i hope you like Elmore” – “sure” i answered “he is one of my favourites artist!”
then she gave to me the Elmore dragon box #1 as a present (as i like miniatures too), the box was number 37/99 signed by Elmore, Mize and by you!:)
I was really happy to have something like this in my house. So i found the website of this great miniatures factory i’ve never heard before and it was a surprise to find that someone other like me still loved those artist from the ’80 and miniatures too!
i’m finishing my dragon in these days, i’m painting it in red, a great ancient red wyrm!
I likes your miniatures and i’m looking forward to buy some more.”

“I would like to say, great job on the Song of Ice and Fire miniatures! I am going to ask for them for Christmas from my family. They look wonderful.”

“You’re the Man Jim!!! I’ve been keeping an eye out for this announcement, the miniatures look awesome and I’m looking forward to receiving them — this’ll be an early Christmas gift to myself since I didn’t want to wait to have my husband get them for me ;-)”

“I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order of miniatures from your company. I would also like to thank you for the complimentary Elmore Amazon. It is a nice scupt and I look forward to painting her.”

“Figures arrived safe and well.Thanks for the free figure.As i tend to paint mainly wargame figures i am quite amazed at the detail and feminine grace that your sculpters manage to achieve in such a small scale and really enjoy painting them.They really look like beautiful little people(hope that doesn’t make me weird!). It is also nice to have weapons in the correct size and not something that Arnold Schwartzenegger would struggle to lift!! I look forward to ordering some figures soon.”

“‘Tis with the utmost gratitude that I humbly thank you for the new references for perusing the various lines of 28mm figures scattered hither n’yon ’round th’web.”

“Melisande looks fantastic in her colors — and the rest of the prelim
Westerosi are “wunderbah” as well. Just picked up an Elmore and a new
Parkinson last week from DarkSword actually, and they’re both
absolutely unreal (the HIll Giant and the snowbound Dragonrider) …
can’t wait to work on ’em! Got a truckload coming from Iron Wind as
well … I’m partial to Ral Partha from ye olden days … but those
guys seem to be handling an incredible amount of backlog currently so
who knows when we shall actually reap them fruits … to coin a phrase.

Anyway – it’s all very exciting, and I’m incredibly happy to have
these new places with which to reacquaint myself regarding my dormant
passion of things lead – both fantasy and sci-fi.”

“I am realy excited about the Westerosi Miniature Line that is coming out soon 🙂 I live in Australia and just want to know if there is some arrangement that can be made so i can get every miniature thats getting released as I do not want to miss out on any.”

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.”

“I’ll defiantly be buying more miniatures from Dark Sword in the future.”

“Thank you for the speed with which you sent the miniatures to me. As the others miniatures are beautiful and simple really to assemble; it denotes a lot of care of the particulares.”

“I fell in love with and picked up “The Last Charge of Melissa and her Immortal Schnauzers” while at GenCon.”

“Ahh what good is money if you cannot buy cool stuff with it?? You produce some damn fine minis
I know I’ll keep buying and painting them 🙂 not necessarily well mind you.”

“Dark Sword rocks!! I was so waiting for this update and couldn’t wait til Gen Con ended (since we weren’t able to go this year) because I knew you’d be making all the new mini’s available in the online store. Of course I rushed right out there once I received the newsletter and placed my order ;-)”

“Looking forward to the GRRM minis because they too look so good (then again I’ve come to expect nothing less from Dark Sword!).”

“Beautiful minis and a joy to paint”

“Thank you very much! Awesome customer support!”

“By the way, your miniature line is awesome! I have been painting models for over 15 years now, and these are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working on. I hope to purchase more in the near future. Thanks again.”

“CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is my wife’s the most favourite fantasy book and one of the most favourite and most important series from the last years for me (maybe only Erickson’s Malazan Empire I admire just little more). I think it’s great idea and wonderfull project. Could you tell me please when do you plan to issue the first set/blisters? And will they be sold in blisters or boxes or both? I will spread the news, It’s amazing :)”

“Very cool. Especially if you’re a player wanting the perfect mini for your character!”

“Absolutely awesome. I am hooked. I must have one of each piece.”

“Simply incredible! I’m so looking forward to this line of miniatures (as I look forward to many of Darkswords Miniatures!) — Now I’m going to have to pick up the books and start reading.”

“Thanks again for bringing so many great characters to life by working with so many talented folks in the field of sculpting, painting, art and vision.”

“Just a quick note to let you know the box arrived Friday (you are quick!). Very busy weekend, so I didn’t actually get to open it until today. Very, very nice–Thank you! And the extra goodies–although very unnecessary–are highly appreciated.”

“The treasures arrived. Thanks for the beautiful dragon.”

“There realy nice, very detailed. I realy like the Elmore Masterworks Set # 2 – Shrouded Realm – Male Fighter – by Larry Elmore.”

“The miniatures are just arrived; they’re better than in photo. I also thank you for the free gift which made for me, the amazon is very good-looking. When I shall have painted these I shall make another order.”

“I have been collecting figures since 1977 and these are some of the finest I have seen.”

“I love the Schnauzers! Too often dog miniatures are so generic that they lack character or identity. The Schnauzers sculpted by Tom Meier are superb!”

“Wow, some nice figures coming down the line. I can hardly wait for the “Schnauzer Attack Pack” set!”

“Just received your update and had to visit the site…. I’m so looking forward to their release… the figures (and of course the paint jobs!) look fantastic.”

“I write you from Italy; Above all compliments for your miniatures, really beautiful.”
“Everything arrived. Thanks once again for packing the figures so carefully. The gift figures are terrific.”

“Just wanted to say the order arrived last week and everything looks incredible – to see that Pirate Lass #2 in the metal and then look again at Marike’s paint job makes me feel intimidated to even crack the blister and have a go myself :)”

“I’m a painter / collector as opposed to a gamer and to my mind your figures are as good as you can get. I’ve been most impressed with everything about them and look forward to seeing what’s coming up.”

“Just a quick note to say the order arrived yesterday. It really was an amazing deal and many thanks for that. I’m a really big fan of the figures and it was really good to be able to catch up with the limited editions.”

“For your information, I’ve received your shipment today.”

“As usual, your stuffs are really good.”

“I have ordered from you a few times and I have quite a few of your sets, I am a big supporter of companies like yours (i.e. great minis, great customer service, etc…) thanks again I will be ordering more in the future.”

“I got my bundle of miniatures today Thnak you!! They look even better in person, and thank you for the swag! I appreciate the assistance on getting this set to me. Thanks again.”

“I recently ordered the 5th Anniversary Special, and it already arrived safe and sound. Thanks so much for your quick response!”

“The miniatures are wonderful. I am amazed by the quality of your casting. I have lots of miniatures, and your casting quality is among the best.”

“They seem to transcend the gaming genre and sort themselves neatly into the world of fantasy art.”

“Thank you for putting together such an awesome deal! I have only recently discovered Darksword Miniatures and have been very impressed with the selection you have available on your website.”

“I am looking to start a pewter collection for my son and found your site. I just want to say how gorgeous everything is and would love to start his collection with one of these pieces.”

“Figurines arrived this morning .They are very nice. Thanks a lot.”

I’m a long time gamer/mini collector (dare I say since 1981?) and also happen to develop Web sites and provide advice to people about their sites.I recently signed up for the DSM newsletter.

“I wanted to give you recognition for your site and yourself for the terrific site and for the great newsletter. Your enthusiasm for the art and your care about your fellow artists really shines through. The recent thoughts about Dennis Mize and Keith Parkinson show how it doesn’t just seem like a business. For my 2 cents there’s no need to tart up the newsletter or anything else you’re doing – keeping it simple really makes the quality show through. Keeps it an interesting community. Anyway, l wanted to drop a line to say I love the work Darksword produces, and keep it up.”

“The Female Fighter is such a beautiful sculpt and would love to have one to enter into the GenCon painting contest.”

“Excellent green! Don’t let him get away!”

“Hiya. I just saw the green you posted of the new miniature by Jeff Grace, and I just wanted to let you know that I think it’s lovely and fits very nicely into the style for the Elmore line that Dennis established so well. The details are nice and crisp, and he sculpted a wonderfully expressive face. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future!”

“That’s lovely! Can’t wait to see more =)”

“Just a word to let you know that the wing arrived today Feb. 22nd. Quite a delay coming into Canada I guess (border crossings suck). I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to you for giving this your personal attention. I look forward to more and exciting Dark Sword draconic projects in the future. Thanks for your time and the amazing miniatures.”

“G’day Dark Sword Minis – Just got the order in and love it. Wanted to thank you for the extra
Amazon. Definitely looking forward to seeing more minis in the future.”

“They are AMAZING!!! I feel like a children unpacking boxes under the Christmas Tree 🙂 Details are incredibly sculpted and casted and dragons… I think I will have something to paint to the end of my life 🙂
(I am not the best painter and I don’t have too much time but these miniatures scream “Paint Me! Paint Me! Paint Me!!!”). I promise to write much more after I closely inspect them all”
“Figures arrived today and as per last time all I can say is wow! Now if my painting can only do them justice… “

“I just finished assembling the new Easley Dragon, and just like the Elmore dragons the detail is amazing. I am especially impressed with the scales, they are beautifully formed. I look forward to getting the Parkinson dragon and the upcoming Elmore dragon. Keep up the good work, your dragons are by far the best in the industry!”

“Your products and services are the best. Thanks.”

“Just to let you know that the Darksword minis I ordered arrived about a week ago, all in excellent shape. Very nice figs indeed!”

“I just want to pass along that I received the miniatures today and am more than pleased with their quality.”


“I HAVE to say I love the customer service! Can think of maybe one other company that would go this far for its customers, and I DO appreciate it.”

“I just LOVE the Dennis Mize sculpts from Darksword, and you can bet I’ll be buying some more soon…””

“Thanks for your fast response . I’m very proud to do bussiness with people like you, very please and satisfy Thanks again.”

“I have a great fable for Darksword Miniatures as I am a longtime fan of the Darksword sculptors and I also admire what you do – your fantastic site, your newsletter, the forum where I can take part on what belongs to Darksword Miniatures not only as a customer but a friend and I am happy with your success.”

“I am quickly becoming a big fan of your company. For the past 15 years I have focused primarily on historical miniatures for gaming purposes, but after attending Gen Con 2006 I resolved to become a better painter. Because fantasy minis tend to be of higher quality than those aimed at the historical gamer, I have been practicing my painting skills on fantasy figures. Most recently I picked up the Parkinson Masterworks Set #1 and I am nearly finished with the Desert Wings figure. I must say I am absolutely awestruck by the beauty of the miniatures that you produce. They are incredible. How your sculptures manage to create a face that is not only realistic but beautiful is beyond me. Thanks so much for making these available. I will be a repeat customer!”

Just to comment on your excellent range-keep them coming! High quality fantasy miniatures are surprisingly thin on the ground and yours have spoilt me for anyone elses.In my view you can never have too meny amazons and I hope that despite the sad loss of Dennis Mize youll still be able to delve into the Elmore galleries for inspiration.”

“First I would like to congratulate your comany for the great modelling job, that you are doing. I have hardly seen more beautifull set than yours!”

“I just see your site today and love it.”

“I just finished assembling the miniatures, and they are terrific. Outstanding detail. I will send ya some pics after I have given them their personalities (that is what I call what I do). I am definitely gonna buy some more from you very soon. I saw the new dragon, but I am already working on four right now. Maybe in a few weeks.”

“Just wanted to confirm that I received my order today, 8/1/06. Thanks for the prompt processing and for the SWAG. I will definitely be ordering more from you very soon.”

“I received them Monday but was too preoccupied to email you and say THANKS!”

“They’re gorgeous! Can’t wait to order another couple of GlenRavens in a couple of months.”

“I received my order last week and wanted to pass on to you that I am very pleased with the quality of the pieces. Thanks also for the complimentary figure, I look forward to painting them all.
I will certainly be looking at another order in the fall, so until then, continue the good work. “

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the really quick delivery. I wasn’t expecting my miniatures for another week or so. They have arrived in perfect condition and the extra model was a very pleasant surprise.”

“First of all, thanks so much for your informative replies. Definitely excellent customer service at Dark Sword, and I’ll be telling my friends about that.”

“I am very excited about the miniatures; especiallyt he black witch. I think that I have never seen a miniature so incredible. I look forward to painting her.”

“They arrived yesterday, thankyou very much. I was out until very late and discovered them when I finaly got back. The miniatures themselves are elegant and nice (none of that Wizards of the Cost Dragonpunk stuff – not my cup of tea, give me authentic fantasy anyday over that 90’s punk’s trying to look tough stuff).”

“For me it’s the most finest miniatures in the world, I’m fan of Tom Meier works, it’s really strong to paint but I like this challenge.”

“Thank you and long live to darkswordminiatures.”

“I am simply amazed at what you have done. I didn’t know if I could contain myself from fainting when I began navigating your site, what a sight! I was beginning to wonder “where have all the cowboys gone?” as far as some of the original D&D minis were concerned. Nearly resorted to refining my scupting abilities to minis and making my own.”

“Completely fantastic. Keep up the great work.”

“Just wanted to let you know that the figs have arrived. Thank you so much for the extra SWAG. Hopeful, I will be able to pick up more of your fine figures by Christmas.”

“Just a quick thank you for the extra miniature you sent me with my Elmore Amazons. You sir rock! P.S. I also want to thank you for what you’ve done regarding Dennis Mize’s passing, his art will be missed by this fan.”

“The detail and poses are extraordinary. Beautiful pieces and my compliments to the sculptors.”

“I just wanted to send you a quick email about my experience with your company. I’m extremely pleased with the customer service, the personal nature of correspondence, and of course the quality of products you offer. I placed an order on Sunday and received my package yesterday in the mail, much to my surprise. With the recent loss of Dennis Mize, it was really special to get his last sculpt in hand while the thoughts of his passing are still so fresh. I’ve been
painting miniatures since I was 13, and now, 19 years later I’m pleased to tell you that your company has the best stuff I’ve encountered so far. Painting and collecting miniatures can be sort of a lone gunman hobby, but you and Dark Sword miniatures really make it feel like a community. The tremendous effort has really made a new fan here. Keep up the good work.”

“I just Thought I would let you know I received my order today -thank you. Living in Northern Ireland I did not expect to get the miniatures so quickly.”

“To be honest I had never heard of dark sword before and came across you web site by accident.I paint historical miniatures and was looking for something different to paint. I was not dissapointed , the casting are some of the very best I have ever seen. they are little miniature marvels.I intend to get a few more of your figures in the future and will call at your web site often to see whats new.”

“The products arrived today. They are truly amazing, and I’m so pleased with them. They were worth waiting for, and I can’t wait to get to work on them. Thanks for everything.”