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This section of the site was going to basically be an archive for all of our eNewsletter updates. As you can see, it has not been updated since Oct 29, 2013. The best way to get our updates is through our eNewsletter mailing list over on the left and also via Facebook or Twitter. Thanks!

Site Update - Happy Halloween - Posted on October 29, 2013

It has been a very busy month at Dark Sword. We have lots of great stuff in motion and a couple of new Halloween themed releases below. Jeff Grace did an amazing witch carving her pumpkin minion's face and Dave Summers did a wonderful Mouse Mummy. As always, they are both already here and ready for shipping out for your collections. So enjoy all the new eye candy folks.

Dark Sword eNewsletter sent out on September 7, 2013

Hello to my fellow miniature enthusiasts around the world -

Wow, it has been a crazy past two months with our first ever Kickstarter project ending in July (all backer rewards were sent out before Gen Con in August) and then of course Gen Con Indy - the best gaming convention in the USA in mid-August.  It was another amazing Gen Con for Dark Sword. I really enjoy seeing everyone at the show and hanging out.

Dark Sword entries were dominant in the Gen Con painting competition this year as well with Jessica, Zach, Meg and Proctor placing high in the overall competition (as well as Dark Sword Mfr Awards) along with many other outstanding entries from other wonderful painters. I love seeing painted Dark Sword minis in the competition display cases.

We have 22 (yes 22!) new releases from Gen Con now posted on the Dark Sword site ready for shipping out around the world.

We have our Kickstarter Dragon Diorama in very limited supply available along with:

2 new Thief of Heart pin-up minis

5 new Elmore Masterworks releases (including 2 mounted minis for Ken!)

7 new GRRM Masterworks releases

5 new Critter releases including some from our new Critter concept artist Raya Golden (she is joining Des Hanley on the critter ranges)

2 awesome looking female minis including a Tom Meier Super Hero

So plenty of new eye candy to check out and a little bit of something for everyone on this batch of new releases.  Jessica Rich, Jen Haley, Aaron Lovejoy and Marike Reimer painted the studio models on this batch with Jessica Rich painting the Lion's share of them.

Lots of new stuff is in the pipeline (GRRM, Critters, VIF and a secret project or two) so we are hard at work and not missing a step as we plow into the fall/winter seasons.

In other news, watched the first two seasons of The Shield (the creator of Sons of Anarchy was the main writer on The Shield) and loving them. It is for sure an intense series.  Also, looking forward to playing the two new Zombicide board games (Season 2 and Toxic City Mall)from their Kickstarter program. Picked them up at Gen Con Indy. If you want to play an awesome cooperative board game and dig Walking Dead and Zombies in general, these games ROCK. They are a total blast to play. Highest recommendation from me and my gaming groups.

Have a great week everyone and swing on by the site and check out all the new goodies.



Dark Sword eNewsletter sent out on July 13, 2013

Hello to my fellow miniature enthusiasts around the world -

Big week here at Dark Sword HQ.

We have eight brand new releases posted in our Online Store and ready for shipping out around the world.

We have some new critters by Mr. Dave Summers and Jason Wiebe.

We also have new releases from Patrick Keith, Jeff Grace and Tom Meier.

Jessica Rich painted up all eight new releases for this month - and they are smokin' hot.
So swing on by the Dark Sword site and check them out.

For those of you attending Gen Con in approx 30 days, be sure to swing by the Dark Sword booth and meet Jessica Rich (along with myself, Jeff Easley and Larry Elmore) as she will be in the Dark Sword booth the entire convention. We will have a ton of new releases there that no one has seen yet.

Our Massive Elmore Dragons Special Edition Diorama Kickstarter Project is in its final days. Swing on by our Kickstarter page to check it out. It funded in 62 minutes and a good number of FREE bonus miniatures have been unlocked to date with more on deck to unlock in the days ahead as this comes to a close. It is an insane good deal with all the free stuff that is included thus far. It ends this coming Friday July 19th. So spread the word to your fellow painters and friends that like awesome Dragons.  The support and excitement around this project has been outstanding.  It is a pretty dang epic diorama piece.

Click here to visit our Kickstarter Page

I have a ton of prizes that George R.R. Martin has sent in for the Gen Con Indy Painting Competition. A DVD/Bluray Season 2 set, signed books, signed maps and games galore.  These are in addition to the almost $2,000 in prize support Dark Sword is already donating to the Gen Con Painting Competition for the Dark Sword Manufacturer Awards. So if you are attending Gen Con, get your entries polished up and ready to show off to the convention. You cannot win if you do not enter. Marike Reimer will be helping me judge this year.  More info can be found here:

Well, that is about it for this week everyone.  Have a great weekend and be sure to check out the Dark Sword site.



Dark Sword eNewsletter sent out on May 9, 2013

Good evening -

Tonight we launched our new Dark Sword Web site.  This is very exciting stuff for me personally and has been a long time coming.

We went through the site from top to bottom and cleaned house.

We have an all-new design that went live tonight to go along with the all new online store with awesome sorting functionality and new mini-finder that went live a couple months ago.

So swing on by and check out the new site when you get a moment.

Also - the Dark Sword Marike Reimer 4 DVD miniature painting tutorial set is now available on the Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) Web site as an HD download. So for those folks that want to save on shipping and prefer an HD copy that they can download right to their computer, now is your chance. It is over 13 hours of instruction.  Plus the CMON shop has tons of great miniature lines from around the world they stock (Dark Sword being one of them) while you are there looking around.

Click here to go there now.

Have a great rest of the week everyone.



Dark Sword eNewsletter sent out on April 24, 2013

Hi everyone!

I wanted to drop you an email with all sorts of fun updates.

First off, we have 10 brand new releases in our Online Store. From a new Thief of Hearts mini from Mr. Jeff Grace to fun critters from Mr. Dave Summers. Splash in some Elmore Masterworks by Patrick Keith and let’s just say, the new releases scene started coming together...

Marike Reimer and the newly crowned ReaperCon 2013 Overall Best in Show winner Jessica Rich painted up the studio models.

We also have a couple wing packs we released as our new Thief of Hearts mini has a new larger wing set with her. So we released a wing pack with one set of the new larger wings and a set of the original feathered thief of heart wings. The wings are interchangeable between thief of heart models so that opens up all sorts of possibilities. We also released a leather wing pack if you want to go more evil with your conversions. People have asked about getting our wings on their own in the past, so now you can pick them up. If the response on these initial two wing packs is positive, we will release more wing packs in the future.

Had an awesome time last week visiting George R.R. Martin in NM and then heading over to TX for the rest of the week to be a guest at ReaperCon 2013.  I brought Aaron Lovejoy and Jessica Rich along on the trips as well.  We are all very tired now as it was 18-19 hour days each and every day and sleep was in short supply.  ReaperCon in TX is one of the most wonderful and most productive conventions you can ever attend if you are interested in leveling up on the painting or sculpting fronts. Some amazing sculptors/painters from all over the world are brought in to hang out and teach small 4-6 student classes at ReaperCon. If you ever get the chance to attend, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Hats off to Ed, Ron, Bryan, and Anne from Reaper for putting this together.

Dark Sword will be at Gen Con Indy 2013 for our 11th Gen Con in a row. Once again, we will be sharing a larger booth with Larry Elmore. We have expanded the Dark Sword footprint once again to open up more display space and merchandise space. So more room in the booth once again. In addition, we are having Jeff Easley (yes, THE Jeff Easley from AD&D fame) in our booth as our guest artist this year. So Larry and Jeff in the same booth folks... We will be doing a Manufacturer Award once again and it looks like Marike Reimer is going to take a year off from the competition and help judge the event instead. So all you top painters out there - here is your chance to show your skills and win great prize packages.

Well enough of my yapping, I will let you swing on over to the Dark Sword site to check out all the new miniature eye candy.

Make it a great week everyone!


Dark Sword eNewsletter sent out on March 17, 2013

Hello to my fellow miniature enthusiasts around the world -

We have nine (yes 9) new releases posted in our Online Store and ready for shipping out around the world. They are all here and ready for immediate dispatch.

Eight of the new releases are for the GRRM Masterworks range. Tom Meier sculpted up seven of them and Jeff Grace sculpted up one of them. Just in time for Season 3 of Game of Thrones on HBO to start up in two weeks...

We have Strong Belwas, Arston Whitebeard, Ser Jorah Mormont, Margaery Tyrell, a couple new lady in waiting minis and a new Nights Watch warrior from Tom Meier.  Jeff Grace sculpted up Balon Greyjoy.

Jeff also sculpted a most excellent female rogue for our Visions in Fantasy range.

In addition, we have the new Hot Lead "Painting Difficult Colors" 2 DVD set in stock. If you liked the original Hot Lead DVD or any of our DVD sets, than this one is a recommended purchase as it dives into difficult colors and will provide you some new perspectives to utilize. Laszlo does another great job in this new addition to the Hot Lead DVD line.

Dark Sword is signed on for Gen Con Indy once again (this will be our 11th year in a row) for 2013. We had to expand our booth again to allow for more traffic. And as an added bonus for Gen Con Indy 2013 we will have the world famous Jeff Easley in our booth as our guest artist. Jeff Easley did all those iconic AD&D covers in the mid 1980's and into the late 1990's.  So we will have Larry Elmore on one side of Dark Sword and Jeff Easley actually in the Dark Sword booth. It will be old school all around! Dark Sword Staff Painter Jessica Rich will also be present throughout the whole show to help find cool minis for your collections and of course answer any painting questions you might have. Tom Meier, Jeff Grace, Dave Summers, Patrick Keith and Marike Reimer should be popping into the booth throughout the show as well. Gen Con Indy is the grandest USA Hobby Tradeshow of them all. And I am very excited to make the annual trip to Indy to hang out with everyone.

Lots of stuff coming in the months ahead building up to Gen Con Indy in August. So check back often and follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest.

In the meantime, I will let you cruise on over to the Dark Sword Miniatures Web site to check out all the new miniatures we just released.

Oh speaking of the Dark Sword site, we did launch a new Online Store back in late January. It is vastly superior to the old store and we are in the process of building a very cool figure finder to help find characters and specific models for your painting tables.  We are in the final stages of getting a new front end of the site finished as well. 

Thanks and make it a great week everyone!